Bruce McLellan is "one of a kind".

He proudly maintains that rare form of being politically incorrect. He doesn't intentionally step on people's toes, but if you see him coming, better draw back your feet!
Like so many of the catch phrases that have caught on over the years, he finds lines such as politically correct or the separation of church and state, as being silly and only used in an attempt to contain and restrict people's thought.  The first is obviously an oxymoron, and the second was never intended by this country's Founding Fathers!  Certainly, not in the way it's being applied today.  And anyone honest with themselves knows that to be true.  The problem today is a shortage of people who are willing to be honest with themselves, let alone with others.

Since time is a terrible thing to waste, he wants everyone to know up front that he is a card-carrying member of the NRA; he believes illegal's need to be booted out;  the healthcare law repealed; and he believes in the sanctity of life and Jesus Christ, son of God, Savior of mankind.

Bruce believes in free thought and open discussion. And he believes that if politics could be removed from all the big issues facing America today, we could quickly come to the conclusions and actions necessary to fix our problems and remove ourselves from the dire straits we find ourselves in.   After all, its politics and politicians that put us here in the first place.  And, therein lies not only the problem, but the hindrance as well, as you're asking the same people who broke it, to fix it!

But just for a moment, though, let's dream... that an atmosphere could be attained in Washington, where personal and party agendas could be left at the door, and just for once, we walked through those doors of the Capitol building as Americans, first and foremost, representing the best interests of the American people.  For that to happen, of course, will require a new breed of representatives to fill those seats. 

Bruce believes we are at the most critical crossroads in our country's history.  Dangerous, life-altering, life-threatening decisions are now before us, both on the world stage as well as right here at home.  Our nation is under attack on both the foreign and domestic fronts, and none of the decisions we face will be painless.  We are long past that point, again thanks to our Congress and our politicians, who rather than address the serious problems of the past decades, thought it easier to just kick the can down the road a while longer. 
The problem we face today is that we've reached the end of that road ~
...the cupboard is bare...the country is broke...and there are few options left.

Bruce uses his God-given talents, his moral compass and integrity handed down by his parents, his values and principles based upon his up-bringing, education, knowledge and life experiences.  In fact, his professional career was based upon these very same values and principles.  As a result it led to a bridge of trust between him and the people he knew and those strangers that counted on him for the honest truth, five nights a week, as a television news anchorman and reporter.

He is a man who says what he means and means what he says. His word is his bond and he believes a handshake is worth more than a piece of paper.  He is one of a remaining few who believes that a clean name, good moral upbringing, a sacred honor and unblemished credit are the most important things in life to be passed down to children. Logic and common sense are still the best tools in dealing with problems, and he still listens to his conscience, that little voice inside that speaks to us all, if we would only listen to it.

Bruce invites not just Republicans, but Democrats who feel blindsided and Independents who still use their heads in picking the right person over a party affiliation to spend time on his website, because he is confident what you read here holds special significance to all American citizens who fear our current course as a nation and our survivability as a Republic!

Call him an American Patriot
Call him a Fixer
BUT DON'T CALL HIM A POLITICIAN we can no longer afford having "politicians" in Congress!

If anything on this website resonates with you, then please support him as a volunteer, as a fund raiser or through donations.  But even more important, your word-of-mouth...through conversations, emails, phone calls and letters with both family and friends.

His name is Bruce McLellan and he IS your Republican U-S Congressional Candidate
for Tennessee's Sixth Congressional District.

My Campaign Message is clear:
If you want jobs and the economy to turn around, you must first remove the progressive disease from Washington, stop spending & tackle the debt.  Please read my solutions to many of our nation's most pressing problems in                                          "Issues Before Us"
     Never Forget!